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Hi Everybody!

It was in the cafeteria at lunch during my sophomore year of high school that I first heard Daft Punk. I later learned that, in the library directly above the caf, there was a single closed study room with two CD components connected to a receiver with a fader on it.

That’s not dj’ing, (if you think it is, honey we need to hang out) but it was the beginning of my fascination with techno, trance, deep house, and drum & bass. I signed up for that elective so I could play the Euro import CD’s I bought on the weekends.

My best friends and I drove to raves all over New England on the weekends and danced our butts off. It wasn’t exactly a popular thing for other kids in our high school who liked drinking and house parties. Raves were a place where we could be sober and still be part of the group. Our positive, fun energy was the only ingredient needed to be accepted. 

With that being said, Grandma Rave (that’s me…) has put together a few tips to ensure a worry-free, fun-as-heck, inspiring, free-spirited music festival season! Before we head off to Hideout Festival in Croatia next week, keep these ideas in mind… 

  1. Are you traveling a long distance? Double check that all of your travel arrangements are booked for the correct dates, arrange for shuttles if needed and reserve lodging. Pro tip: allows for $0 money down lodging reservations with free 30-day cancellation. This saves SO. MUCH. MONEY.
  2. Before the music festival begins, check out the lineup and festival attractions. I never recommend a strict schedule, but you definitely do not want to miss your favorite artists.
  3. Dance music (sorry, I’ll never utter the blasphemous term e…d… ehhh I can’tttt) DOES NOT EQUAL required substance use. Just have a good time, peer pressure is not PLUR!
  4. Whether you are going out alone or with friends, don’t leave home with an empty pocket. Have a couple bucks to set you up for success. You never know when you’ll need a water, a taxi, a taco…. $ in the pocket.
  5. Be yourself- that’s all that matters. But if you’re a meanie, shake it off and practice your smile.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings. Let friends know where you are going. Save your parking location and the venue address in your phone’s map. If it looks like you’ll get towed, YOU PROBABLY WILL.
  7. When leaving home for a few days, make sure you have extra shoes. You will dance so hard that you get blisters, so your extra pair will save you from repeat offenses.
  8. Eat again. Did you eat yet? Dancing, or even standing for hours on end burns tons of calories. Prep for the long day with a balance of healthy carbs, lean protein, fresh fruit & veggies. But if it’s pizza or nothing, get that slice. Keep the belly smiling!
  9. Good vibe tribe is a real thing… music festivals are a place where you can meet new friends every single second of your time there. Put your iPhone away and make somebody’s day by offering a compliment or a seat at your table. “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.”
  10. If the party’s outside, wear a hat, lightweight protective clothing and/or sunscreen of at least 50SPF. Reapply sunscreen regularly so you don’t sizzle the smile factory (that’s your face).
  11. Drink lots of water. Dancing and sweating will do a lot of damage to a dehydrated version of you. Dehydration affects all of your body’s systems. Drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages further dehydrates. Double fist the waters. If you don’t want to hold one, give it to a person in need. Oh hey, you just made a new friend!
  12. Dressing up can be simple! I’ve noticed an exponential increase in glitter options in the last few years, so get on the internet and turn yourself into a walking disco ball. Anything goes, dream it and you can be it, baby disco ball!
  13. Non-glitter lovers: even though I consider glitter to be my blood type, I get it. I find it in every single thing I own. Not fun. Sporty street style is trending right now, so get those Air Max’s on and a pair of Fila or Kappa joggers. Then proceed to set the dance floor on FIRE.
  14. Check out our Pinterest for tons of inspiration & tips to make your music festival experience top notch. #festivalready
  15. Don’t forget- you are in charge of YOU. You have the power to have the best or worst time. If you stay aware, open minded, streetsmart & healthy, you will be telling the stories from this music festival for years to come!

Keep an eye out for me at Hideout Festival 2018 in Zrce Beach, Croatia. I’m giving out free stuff all week long! 

I’m not enveloped in the music scene as I was years ago -- The Whitening Store is now my fun time, and I love every minute! I haven’t heard of many of the artists… BUT I am most looking forward to seeing my longtime friends North Base, as well as Andy C, Chase & Status, Skream & Wilkinson.

Say “PLUR” and I’ll give you a free teeth whitening kit!


…Until we wisely dance our butts off together…

P.S. Grandma Rave Dictionary:

PLUR: Peace Love Unity Respect. A founding term from the 1990’s rave culture. The culmination of these four vibes makes for a safe and welcoming environment for all. Elders suggest adhering to the well-laid path that made it all these years into the future to your sweet self!

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