Teeth whitening is easier than most people think. A few simple steps and some insider tips will help you achieve lasting whitening results for yourself and, if you are a pro, for your clients.

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How to Whiten Teeth At Home

PRIOR TO TREATMENT: Gently brush & floss your teeth without toothpaste. Take a “before” selfie!

  1. Place a thin line of whitening gel on the inner front surface of both top & bottom of the tray (i.e. the surface that will be touching the front of your teeth). The average person requires less than 0.5 ml of whitening gel per arch. Recap the syringe for the next treatment.
  2. Place whitening tray in your mouth, snugly against teeth. Wipe off any excess gel that seeps over the brim of the tray onto the gums with a clean cotton swab.
  3. Place the LED light in front of your teeth. You can home the light in place with your lips around the clear plastic shield. Sit partially reclined to avoid excess dripping.
  4. Whiten your teeth for 20—60 minutes. If you’re a newbie- start with a 20 minutes session. If you feel no tooth sensitivity, process to the following: 45—60 minutes once per day for a 4—10 day cycle.
  5. When complete, remove light & tray, rinse mouth and tray with water. Refrain from brushing teeth for 30 minutes.

STORAGE: Store tray in provided retainer case. Be sure to keep whitening gel in provided lightproof zip bag. Whitening gel can be refrigerated if room temperature is inconsistent. DO NOT FREEZE. Take gel out of the refrigerator 1 hour before each teeth whitening session and bring to room temperature before use.

DO NOT USE IF YOU: Are pregnant or nursing, wearing braces, recently had oral surgery, have jaw-related pain, are allergic to peroxide, are in poor oral health (decaying teeth, exposed roots). At-home treatments have risks involved and you should always consult your dentist. Some people will experience reversible tooth sensitivity and gum irritation or blanching. This subsides briefly after discontinuing use and by 1) Decreasing the length of each bleaching session and/or 2) Increasing amount of time between bleaching sessions. Consult your dentist immediately if you experience sharp and/or long-term tooth pain.

IMPORTANT: During the entire length of your whitening treatment, you should avoid smoking as much as possible and the following beverages: coffee, tea, red wine, colas, artificially colored or citrus beverages. If you must consume these, it is highly recommended to do so through a straw. Use only under the supervision of a dentists or teeth whitening professional. The manufacturer and seller accept no responsibility for any misuses o this product.

How To Professionally Whiten Teeth Using Prefilled Trays

PRIOR TO TREATMENT: Use a shade guide to calculate the shade level of client’s teeth prior to whitening.

  1. Always wear non-latex gloves. Apply self-adhesive bib to client when they are comfortable.
  2. Remove Finger Wipe from packaging and have client place on finger. Using a light scrubbing motion, the client should use this to remove debris from the fronts of their teeth. Discard after use.
  3. Open packaging of one Vitamin E Swab, snap tip at red line, hold vertical, allowing liquid to fill white swab. Ask client to use swab tip to massage liquid onto gums and lips. The effectively protect skin from discomfort due to gel exposure. Discard after use.
  4. Tear open packaging of mouth tray, have client place in mouth gently.
  5. Turn lamp on. “Power level” should be set to 100%. Normal setting is 30 minutes for a single treatment but can be up to 6 minutes. Press “Start” button and place lamp directly in front of teeth whitening tray. It is not necessary for it to touch the tray.
  6. When complete, remove tray and discard or clear and store in retainer case. Have client rinse mouth with water. DO NOT BRUSH TEETH. Use shade guide to compare tooth shade post whitening to original shade.
  7. Give client second Vitamin E Swab to moisturize their guns and lips after gel has been rinsed out.

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