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Launching My Business - A Message From Our Founder

The Whitening Store - Founder Story

In 2012, I left my corporate operations job in search of a more rewarding career. Yes, being in an upper management position at a reputable company is something to be proud of. But I felt that each week ended with little to no reward- the fruits of my labor seemed to come and go with each week’s spreadsheet. I wanted more.

While on the hunt for freelancing jobs, I was contacted by an English businessman seeking a trustworthy, sharp partner to develop a branch of his dental supply company here in the US. We opened with one goal - to deliver high-quality, made in USA teeth whitening products not only to consumers but to businesses looking for great products. 

After taking over as the sole owner of The Whitening Store in 2014, I have proudly developed this business into a reliable source for all of our customers.

We develop an informative relationship with our customers and strive to stand out from our competitors as a transparent, informative source of advice that helps and walks alongside our customers’ successes.

...That’s why I wanted to share my journey and advice with others who are considering launching their own teeth whitening business.


Why Is Starting a Teeth Whitening Business A Good Idea?

Launching a teeth whitening startup might sound daunting, time-consuming, and even expensive. But really, a startup teeth whitening company is easy, opportunistic, and affordable.

Firstly, this is a high demand industry. The personal care industry makes on average $40 billion a year in sales. With online purchases being 3.1% of the share and physical location going in at 96.9% in shares, this is a huge industry to break into.

As we become more conscious consumers, natural products are becoming strong sellers. Natural products are expected to grow by 7-9% through 2020. Therefore, the industry has a great opportunity to grow even more, which means your business will be able to flourish.

Another great reason to launch a teeth whitening business is that this is a great business model for success. There is a large profit margin for a profitable business model. Pricing with a dentist would be $450-650, with the cost at a beauty salon going for about $75-200. Low investment packages will have everything you need in order to set yourself up correctly.

With teeth whitening being such a versatile service for any business makes it a great addition to your existing business in dentistry or cosmetics. By this, I mean that if you are currently working at a dentist's office, this is a great place to up-sell teeth whitening services.

If you are a distributor then it is a great way to add to your business. If you own or work at a salon, it is a great add on service to include.

If you’d rather run a home business, you can sell home kits as well. The possibilities are endless for where a teeth whitening business could fit in.

Teeth Whitening is Rewarding

Teeth Whitening Business - Reasons To Smile More Often

As mentioned before, the personal care industry is an easy and profitable market it break into. There are psychological studies that show that when people partake in physical activities that improve appearance, their self-confidence increases.

Of course, this can include exercising, but personal care is also a large part of this self-confidence. It just makes sense, doesn't it? If you take care of yourself, you are more likely to become self-confident, especially if you are doing things to take care of your appearance.

Another important factor when it comes to the psychological aspects of sales is that 96.9% of people buying personal care products want to do so in person. This is because they want to interact with a person who has expertise with the product.

Creating a human connection is crucial when closing the product sale with them. People trust people with valid information and expert advice.

Doing this line of work is rewarding for both parties. You are promoting self confidence and help someone achieve that through your line of work while making a living for yourself.

When people come into the office, they’re often stressed from their day-to-day life and how confident they feel about themselves. You are giving them an opportunity to leave your office relaxed and more confident. Not to mention, the immediate results sell themselves.

Nothing is better than seeing a white smile that you helped create!

What You Need to Start-Up a Teeth Whitening Business

There are a few things that you will need to help your business flourish on the customer service end of things. Web tutorials are great for showing an easy how-to when it comes to doing the teeth whitening.

All of our products come with detailed instructions so you won’t be left in the dark when it comes to application. Starter packages are a great and inexpensive way to show how to use everything.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of questions we are asked when it comes to figuring out the steps towards owning your own business. Specifically, let's address some of the most common teeth whitening business questions.

Do you need to be a dentist to perform a teeth whitening procedure?

White in Minutes Pro Tray teeth whitening kits allow anyone (not just dentists) to facilitate the whitening process. If you are going to physically touch someone's mouth during your procedure then a state license is required. 

Do you offer wholesale price teeth whitening products?

We do offer wholesale pricing and at a competitive discount.

How do I get teeth whitening products for my business?

All of the products are on the website so you can order whenever needed and are not limited by business hours. 

Where does The Whitening Store's products come from?

All the teeth whitening products sold on are manufactured in an FDA-certified manufacturing facility in the United States. Teeth whitening gels are manufactured in the US, along with many of the trays.

Some of the plastic products are made in China. They are assembled and assorted in our offices and ALWAYS stored in temperature-controlled storage.

What are the differences between the business starter packages?

The only difference with our packages has to do with lamp style. Each teeth whitening business package comes with a teeth whitening lamp, equipment and teeth whitening kits for the first 20 teeth whitening treatments.

Is a teeth whitening machine really a laser?

Teeth whitening lamps use a high-intensity cool blue LED light. It’s not a laser, though that’s what some other companies have decided to call it.

How do I get started as a teeth whitening professional?

Easy to order - click here. We accept all major credit cards. **TIP: Create an account when ordering so it's easier to reorder teeth whitening supplies, gels and any other material you may need to promote your whitening business.