8 Fall Makeup Trends You Need To Try Now

 As fall approaches, makeup trends change YET AGAIN. Maybe you’re wondering how to do your makeup. It seems like no matter where you turn, something always changes in the beauty industry. New eyeshadow colors, a new way to put on your eyeliner, a new place on your face to put glitter on… If you find it hard to keep up, don’t worry, we will get you up to speed!

 If you are an Instagram user, that’s usually where you will see the best makeup posts and stay in the loop of what is new and trending in beauty. Whether you have seen these new makeup trends or not, it is time you consider hopping on the bandwagon!

We’ve done our research to find the top trends and cosmetics. Here are 8 fall makeup trends that will definitely tell the world that you keep on top of what’s hot and what’s not:


Glitter Eyes

This seems to be the most on-trend thing as of late. Have you always wanted your eyes to look like two disco balls? Now is the time because glitter is THE trend of the season. You can purchase anything from glitter shadow, eyeliner, actual loose glitter, etc. Channel your inner 2000’s self!

 If you want a subtle but glittery eye, I suggest these makeup products: Chocolate Gold Palette from Too Faced. If you want something a little extreme, you can try  Cover FX Glitter Drops in “Lunar”. For full blown disco ball, try NYX loose glitter.

Sparkle Decal or rhinestone eyes

Remember when Rihanna said, “Shine bright like a diamond”? Well, we’re pretty sure this is what she meant. Sparkle decals and rhinestone eyes are simple beauty products to use to spruce up your fall makeup look.

The rhinestones/crystals can best be applied with a pair of tweezers and some eyelash glue over your eyeshadow.

Cleopatra Eyes with the sharp winged eyeliner

Not everyone can pull this look off and that’s okay! Bring the liner to the inner corners of your eyes into sharp points. If you want to try this at home and take a risk, go right ahead. Do what makes you feel good!

No matter what, eyeliner will always be one of the top beauty products. One of our favorite makeup vloggers, Nikki Tutorials, knows what she’s doing when creating a Cleopatra look.

Neon Eyeshadow Colors

Be bold! Neon eyeshadow cosmetics is all the beauty trend. It lets your eyes have the spotlight. It’s fun, mesmerizing, and it really highlights your face-no pun intended. If you want to make it interesting, line your lids with white eyeliner and then add neon yellow or green eyeshadow over it to make it glow.

You’ll be bound to turn heads. Why get just one-color eyeshadow? BH Cosmetics has a full palette of neon colors for $18!

Navy Blue Eyeliner

Give your eyes a noticeable break from recent neutral tones with bright cobalt eyeliner. Cobalt blue L’Oréal infallible longwear eye pencil. It’s “goof proof”! Kim Kardashian’s beauty line, “KKW Beauty” has a crème color stick set that includes a blue shade that’s to die for. You can use it to line the eyes or just use it as an eyeshadow cosmetic.

Cut Crease Liquid Eyeliner

Bright pinks, blues, greens, and yellows are all the rage. Add some pizazz to your beauty routine. Pack on your favorite eyeshadow color to your eyelids and then add a bold colored liquid eyeliner to cut the crease.


High Shine Lip Gloss

Move over matte lipsticks, lip gloss is making a comeback! High shine lip gloss and lip toppers have been all the craze. We’ve seen this look featured on runway walking models as well as beauty bloggers and in magazines. Celebrities that have their own beauty line, like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian West, are all hopping on the trend train as well, adding high shine lip gloss to their collections.



Faux Freckles

You always want what you can’t have and if you don’t have freckles, it’s now socially acceptable to use makeup to draw them on your face. People are even going as far as having them tattooed semi-permanently on their face.

Yes, you’re reading that right. It’s an hour-long process and the freckles last up to three years. If you’re not that committed, try Freck’s original freckle cosmetic or a skin tone complimenting matte eyeshadow.


Following new makeup trends can be fun, but actually trying out the makeup products can be a little intimidating. Will you pull off the look? Will you like it? Will you do it correctly? It never hurts to try, especially fall makeup!

Do what makes you feel good. If you like glitter eyes, do it. If you want to wing your eyeliner like Cleopatra, go ahead. You can only learn if you try and might as well look your best while doing it! Comment below on what is currently your favorite fall makeup trend and favorite cosmetics.

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