WiterX Pre-White Gel 5ml Dropper

WiterX Pre-White Gel 5ml Dropper

Most typical use is just prior to bleaching the teeth.

  • Use included swabs to apply WITERx Pre White Gel in a lightly scrubbing circular motion to teeth just prior to the application of ANY teeth whitening gel. Do not rinse before applying teeth whitening gel.
  • WITERx's non-peroxide formula can be used as often as desired!
  • This product hydrates the tooth surface, blocking transient dentinal hypersensitivity associated with whitening procedure.
  • WITERx helps to remove stains from tooth enamel, porcelain or acrylic


Please Note

The Pre-White Gel has the same active ingredients as the Teeth Cleaning Pre-White Swabs and works equally well.

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