Pro30 Teeth Whitening Lamp

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Pro30 Teeth Whitening Lamp
Pro30 Teeth Whitening Lamp
Pro30 Teeth Whitening Lamp
Travel friendly and incredibly powerful, the Pro30 Tabletop light is great for spas, mall kiosks, trade shows & private parties. It is both compact and highly effective with . The easily adjustable neck is perfect for any space. The lamp head houses 6  5-watt bulbs in a single row. Easy-to-use keypad allows for fully customizable timer settings. The LED's are rated at 50,000 hour lifespan. This product comes standard with 1-year all electrical parts warranty.
                • Tabletop Style
                • Wavelength 460-490nm
                • Power 28VA
                • Light Intensity 150-200 mw/cm2
                • LED Light- 6pc 5 watt blue color
                • Input AC100-240, 50/60Hz
                • Output 5V
Note: This item has a delivery time of  7-10 days from receipt of order. Price includes domestic ground shipping.

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