Compact Pro20 Whitening Package

Compact Pro20 Whitening Package

We've made it super easy to begin your new business endeavor! Getting a start-up off the ground is that much easier with this complete setup. All of our packages include the necessary teeth whitening equipment and enough supplies for your first 50 clients. You don't have to look any further to get started. 

This complete startup package includes the following items:
1  -   Pro20 20-watt teeth whitening light
1  -   Professional shade guide
2  -   Whitening protective glasses
50-   White in Minutes Preloaded Chairside Kits, which come with: Preloaded Duplex Tray (35% or 44% CP), Disposable finger wipe, 2 vitamin E swabs, paper shade guide, self-adhesive bib.
1 -    Box of latex gloves (100 per pack)
1 -    Box of face masks (50 per pack)
Specifications for our Pro20 Lamp are as follows:
            • Fast and easy teeth whitening light with 4 blue LED lights
            • Semi-circular lamp with mouth guard oxidizes 16 or more teeth
            • LED screen show information to facilitate teeth whitening communication between practitioner and patient
            • Wave length 430nm – 520nm
            • Power 20W
            • Brightness up to 2500mw/cm2
            • LED Light- 4 piece, 5watt blue color
            • 50,000 hour LED lifespan
            • Input power AC100-240V 50/60Hz
            • Output power 5V

            Please Note: Our startup packages have a MANDATORY delivery time of 10 business days, regardless of requested shipping speed at checkout. Price includes domestic ground shipping.

            Consent forms available upon request.

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