Blue Lightening Mouth Rinse 30ml

Blue Lightening Mouth Rinse 30ml

Introducing Blue Lightening™ Mouth Rinse

Blue Lightening™ Mouth Rinse is a whitening enhancing mouthwash for teeth. It makes teeth whiter and brighter by adding a slight bluing tint to freshly bleached teeth. Use Blue Lightening™ immediately after teeth bleaching to make teeth appear extremely white and bright. Blue Lightening™ also prevents tartar accumulation on teeth and improves gum health.


Water, Sorbitol, Potassium Sorbate, Mint Flavor, Poloxamer 407, Splenda®, Citric Acid, Cetypyridinium Chloride, FD&C Blue #1

How Blue Lightening™ Works

Blue Lightening Mouth Rinse™ works much like the bluing agents used in laundry detergent. Due to a flaw in human anatomy, human eyes view what should be “absolute white” as being slightly yellow. Since blue is the complimentary color to yellow, it helps mask the yellow color perceived by human eyes and the tint makes whites appear to be whiter and brighter. Also the mild blue dye used in Blue Lightening™ absorbs ultraviolet light while emitting a white light reflection in the visible spectrum's blue region.  Its an amazing way to make white teeth seem whiter and brighter than ever before possible. Blue Lightening also contains an ingredient that helps keep tartar from building up on teeth.

How To Use Blue Lightening:

Immediately after whitening treatment, pour the entire contents of the bottle into a cup and rinse for 30 seconds and then expectorate. Do not swallow the liquid. Look for the blue tint on your teeth and gums. Rinse thoroughly with water until the gums return to their natural pink color.  Repeat after any whitening treatment, but no sooner than once every month.

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