25% Hydrogen Peroxide 10ml- PRO USE ONLY

25% Hydrogen Peroxide 10ml- PRO USE ONLY
  • FDA Approved Formula Teeth Whitening Gel
  • Jumbo 10ml Syringe, 6-10 application per unit
  • 3 month shelf life, keep refrigerated
  • Thick formula is perfect for consistent application
  • Manufactured and packaged in USA

Please ensure you read instructions thoroughly before use.

All our products are suitable for individuals with healthy teeth and gums. Whitening gel should be used as per the instructions provided. Whitening gel should not be used by individuals with periodontal disease, decayed teeth, braces, open mouth sores or during pregnancy. Some temporary mild sensitivity to teeth may be experienced If any discomfort is apparent, discontinue use and consult your dentist.

Notice: 25% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel is considered an extremely strong formula. This product is available for purchase by Dental Professionals Only! We WILL NOT SELL this item to the public for at-home use!

Do not use on patients who have a history of sensitive teeth and/or gums. This product is intended for supervised use with cured gum dam barrier and retractor, as it is a very high strength gel.

Do not use this product as a home user, this is not acceptable for application with out proper skin and gum protection. 

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