Professional Starter Packages

Pro Starter Pack - 30watt Tabletop Lamp

Pro Starter Pack - 30watt Tabletop Lamp

This Complete Starter Package includes the following items:

1  -   Model B 30-watt 6-Bulb Lamp
1  -   Professional Shade Guide
2  -   Whitening Protective Glasses
50-   White in Minutes Preloaded Chairside Kits, which come with: Preloaded Duplex Tray (35% or 44% CP), Disposable finger wipe, 2 vitamin E swabs, paper shade guide, self-adhesive bib.
1 -    Box of Latex Gloves (100 per pack)
1 -    Box of Face Masks (50 per pack)

Consent forms available upon request.

Specifications for our Model A Lamp are as follows:

  • Fast and easy teeth whitening light with 6 blue LED lights
  • Semi-circular lamp with mouth guard oxidizes 16 or more teeth
  • LED screen show information to facilitate teeth whitening communication between practitioner and patient
  • Wave length 460nm – 490nm
  • Power 30W
  • Brightness up to 200-300mw/square cm
  • LED Light- 6 piece, 5watt blue color
  • Output power AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Please Note: Our Starter Kits have a MANDATORY delivery time of 10 business days, regardless of requested shipping speed at checkout.

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