Teeth Whitening is Easier To Do at Home Than You Think

Hey everybody! As this is our first blog post, I would like to introduce myself- my name is Kayla, I'm the founder and president of I started this business on the foundation that more people deserve to feel confident in their own looks, without having to run to a dentist or doctor for help. My team and I wake up every morning with the mission to make people SMILE MORE- and seeing as how we sell affordable home whitening kits and great wholesale products to businesses, we try to keep the circle complete.

As someone who regularly uses my own products, I will say that my confidence has dramatically increased. When I get to smile big and tell people what I do for a living, it shines through the whole room. I am truly proud to provide an affordable, easy way to share these vibes!

Most people consider teeth whitening to be a luxurious service and expense they can only shoulder a couple times per year. Some dentists charge upwards of $300 for trays and then they send you home to complete it on your own. Fortunately, with all of the industry development and research behind teeth whitening over the past decade, we’re able to offer a teeth whitening beauty routine that is both affordable and convenient in nature today. Many people are switching their beauty regime over to prioritizing teeth whitening, and we want to make sure you’re aware of the teeth whitening advancements at your disposal right now.

For us at, teeth whitening is part of our beauty regimen. Easy to administer right at home after brushing your teeth, our White in Minutes™ teeth whitening kit fits into daily routines easier than flossing. Plus, since we have our kits manufactured right here in the United States, we are able to keep their costs down while also ensuring they are safe and of high quality. Your health and safety are our utmost priority.

By making teeth whitening part of your beauty regimen, you’ll stop thinking about your yellow and stained teeth, and start noticing a whiter smile that’ll have you happier than ever. Teeth whitening doesn’t have to be this big, grandiose dental visit that takes 2-3 hours and a scheduled appointment. It’s a quick, minutes-long activity awaiting you at home today.

Our Teeth Whitening Kits

 It’s possible to have whiter teeth from using White in Minutes™ just a few minutes per day. Less time consuming than taking a shower after a long day, teeth whitening has solidified itself as part of many individual’s daily beauty regimen. With our kits, you get everything you need for a whiter smile, from the teeth whitening gel and mouth tray, to the LED whitening tool that turns your pearly whites into beautifully shiny pearls! And for an affordable price of $50, your new smile won’t break the bank.

Your Smile Matters

Be honest: who doesn’t feel more confident with a shinier, whiter smile? We all want to flash white teeth at the camera anytime someone asks for a photo. When you feel more confident taking photos and smiling, it makes you happier in the process. Here at, we care about your happiness, and we want you sharing as much infectious joy as possible with the world day-in and day-out.

Consider revolutionizing your smile this year with a teeth whitening based beauty regimen.

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