Everything Holiday 2018: Thanksgiving and Winter Party Ideas, Holiday Recipes & Drink Ideas

Season’s greetings, smiling people!

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the 2018 holiday season! The holidays are all about family, fun, and food.

Whether you’re celebrating at home or in your office, we are dishing out the best recipes to make, games to play, décor inspiration, holiday drinks to make, AND where to find the best gifts without dealing with stressful mall shopping.

Let The Whitening Store team help you have the best holiday this year!


Though festive, the holiday season can be stressful. Trying to buy the perfect gift for loved ones isn’t always easy. Especially when everyone is trying to buy presents at the same time.

We’re going to let you in on a secret--HOLIDAY SHOPPING CAN BE FUN.

Here are ways you can keep your sanity, snag great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and still enjoy your holiday.

Avoid Stressful People and Energy

If you have to run errands, don’t do it during peak times. If you have kids, wait until their bedtime and run out to the store while your significant other or babysitter watches them for a little bit. Try a delivery service for your groceries—this service is ever growing in the United States. Here in Florida, Publix now offers it!

Definitely Avoid the Mall

As we all know everyone is going to be at the mall. Instead, try a little Netflix and online shopping.

Buy your gifts on Amazon, (especially for Black Friday and Amazon Cyber Monday deals), or eBay.

Hint hint, why not try The Whitening Store!?  What’s less stressful than getting a makeover at home? We have some of the best Black Friday deals -- you should totally take advantage of.

Remove the Money Factor

Remember, when it comes to the holidays, it’s not about having a lot of money, it’s about being together. In a world of so much excess, choose special and meaningful gifts over expensive gifts. Perhaps, gift someone a DIY gift. Receiving a gift that somebody made is that much more special. #WarmAndFuzzy

If this is all too much for you to think about, we created a Pinterest board filled with great Christmas gift ideas for men, women, friends, etc.

Stay Organized

If staying organized is important to you during this gift giving time, use Trello (it’s a great project management system that our team uses regularly) or opt for a classic planner. You can get really cool journals or planners at Michael’s.

Alright, we’ve mentally prepared you for the holidays. Now, it’s time to get you in the holiday spirit.

There are inexpensive and creative ways to jazz up your home or office for the holidays, it was hard for us to pick just a few for this blog.

Baking, decorating, cooking, mixing beverages and wrapping gifts are all ways to be creative, so let the juices flow.


woman drinking out of a cup | the smile blog | thewhiteningstore.com

Keep Cocktails and Mocktails Simple

When it comes to putting out drinks for the holidays, it doesn’t have to be so complex.

  • Hot chocolate is a great go-to drink, especially when it’s cold outside. Make it interesting and add some peppermint for a peppermint hot chocolate or ginger and cinnamon for a gingerbread hot chocolate.
  • Hot apple cider is a great go-to as well. It’s super easy to customize and be creative with many of the things you already have in your spice rack.

Holiday Cocktails

Here are just a few of our favorites to indulge in:

Holiday Mocktails

Mocktails (cocktails without alcohol are great for the whole family, especially if children or pregnant women are on the guest list. Our favorite mocktails are:


people's hands over Thanksgiving meal | The Smile Blog | TheWhiteningStore.com

Festive Décor

You can get very creative when it comes to decorating for Thanksgiving by giving your house a little DIY makeover. Repurpose old candleholders and place little pumpkins on them to dress up any room you’re entertaining in. You can even arrange them around a bouquet of fake flowers on your dining room. If you have a mantel, decorate it with decorative plates and pumpkins. Hang a wreath on your front door to give a warm welcome.

Dinner Recipes

We were inspired by these Thanksgiving Day recipes:

Don’t forget about the vegan Thanksgiving dish options, too! You can make vegan mashed potatoes, vegan cauliflower casserole, vegan baked pumpkin mac and cheese, and cranberry and chili jam.

Thanksgiving Games

Stick with the classic. Have everyone say what they are thankful/grateful for. Our CEO Kayla overheard someone talk about this cute idea: ask each person at the table to say something nice about the person sitting to their left. This is sure to make people warm and fuzzy. Kindness always brings people closer together.


A wrapped gift and a candle | The Smile Blog | TheWhiteningStore.com

Seasonal and Christmas Décor

Streamline your decorating by choosing a few colors and a few details to accent with your color palette.

TIP: Candles are a great way to spruce up a room. A little romance goes a long way. Nothing says festive more than twinkling lights.

Healthy Sides

Christmas Baking Ideas

Holiday Dinner Recipes

  • Skip the ham and turkey, impress with a roasted goose!
  • Latkes are quite possibly one of the most versatile foods

Office Christmas Parties

People at an office party | The Smile Blog | TheWhiteningStore.com

Dress to Impress

Not sure what to wear to your office Christmas party? You can be bold and festive while still remaining professional. Try a colorful skirt and turtleneck combo or a statement jacket paired with a monochromatic outfit underneath.

Eat, Together

It’s not an office Christmas party without a potluck!

Keep it simple by bringing in a pumpkin pie. Be adventurous and try making Thai green curry, leftover turkey chili (it’s easy to make in a slow cooker), or spicy holiday pickles.

Bring the Sweetness

Are you looking for a reason to bake? Share your delicious desserts with your coworkers so that you won't overindulge at home. 

Lighten Up the Mood

Steer your coworkers’ minds away from work for the evening. Rally everybody for a cubicle decorating contest or a holiday bake-off.

Have you ever participated in a white elephant gifting? If not, here’s a complete guide to great white elephant gifts for this year!

Let's Wrap This Present Up!

The holiday season is so important because it’s a time of giving, reflecting on everything you’re thankful for, and being surrounded by your friends and loved ones.

Don’t let the stress of the holidays get in the way of your happiness. Our goal is to bring some peace and smiles to you with this guide.

Most of all this holiday,  we want you to have fun!


Kayla, Ilana, and the Team at TheWhiteningStore.com


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