5 Best Lipstick Colors To Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

Have you ever put on a certain shade of lipstick and your teeth ended up looking more yellow than they actually are? It's hard sometimes to find the right shade or color of lipstick that will look good on us and also make our teeth look whiter. No matter if your teeth are super white, there are tricky lipsticks out there that make your teeth look like a completely different shade that you're not happy with. 

We are here to help you solve this problem! Here is a list of the perfect shades, and where to buy them, to make your teeth look bright and white. Think of these shades as your personal color correctors for your smile!

1. Pink Nude-Satin Lipstick from Nars

Nars Pink Nude Satin Lipstick | The Smile Blog |

This color is called Sexual Healing. Nude color lipsticks are difficult to find to make your teeth look whiter. Go for a pink nude color, just make sure that the tone isn't too warm of a shade of pink.

2. Red with blue tone-Color Design Lip from Lancome

Lancome Color Design Red Lipstick | The Smile Blog |

This Lancome lipstick color is called 173 Red Haute Matte. Red is very flattering for most skin tones. What makes this specific shade flattering for your smile is because the blue tones cancel out any yellow tones in your teeth!

3. Dark pink in a berry hue-Different Lipstick from Clinique

Clinique Different Lipstick Berry Hue | The Smile Blog |

This color is called Raspberry Glace. Purple tones have the ability to make our teeth look their brightest, but purple also has a blue base to it as well. We all know what good those blue tones do for our smile!

4. Light pink with cool undertones-Vice Lipstick from Urban Decay

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Light Pink | The Smile Blog |

This shade is called Backtalk, mauve-nude pink. Since pink shades don't really have that dark contrast that reds do, it's hard to make your teeth look whiter. Don't go for the coral or orange shades, these will make your teeth look more yellow.

5. Purple with pink tones-Lips in Suspected from Topshop

Topshop Lips in Suspected | The Smile Blog |

This lipstick from Topshop is called Wine. Darker shades of purple lipstick will make your teeth look more yellow, so it is important to get purple shades with pink tones in it. Because browns make the teeth look more yellow, getting a purple color with pink in it cancels out that browns and makes the teeth look more white.

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