8 Of the Happiest Places On Earth

Have you ever wondered where people were the happiest? If you’re traveling in the country or thinking of international travel, there are many happy cities and countries to visit that are found to be the happiest. According to this article from WalletHub, “where you live may determine how happy you are.” So, if you’re looking to move and make some changes in your life, looking for a summer vacation or winter vacation spot, this list of places is something to consider. Who knows, maybe you’ll book a trip for a holiday!

1. New Zealand

The ocean in New Zealand | The Smile Blog | TheWhiteningStore.com

The lifestyle in New Zealand is very relaxed. According to this interview where a couple traveled to New Zealand on vacation, they said that the residents of New Zealand spend a lot of time outside. They don’t care about status and they don’t take things too seriously. It doesn’t matter what type of job you have to be considered successful. One of the things you can do to relax here is go on a meditation retreat, as there are many centers located throughout the country.

2. Canada

Sitting on the beach in Canada | The Smile Blog | TheWhiteningStore.com

Canada is listed as the #7 happiest country. They have a high life expectancy there, according to Forbes. Their happiness is also due to the fact that they have a smaller population and are surrounded by beautiful scenery, so it’s a great country to take vacations to. To relax here, you can travel to Tofino, British Colombia. It’s a famous surf town where you can not only surf but also hike the rainforest trail.

3. Iceland

Hot swimming pools in Iceland | The Smile Blog | TheWhiteningStore.com

Forbes listed Iceland as the #4 happiest country. They have low tax, free healthcare, and free education. Due to these factors, their visitor numbers quadrupled. Fun fact: “They also are the most published country per capita with one in ten residents writing a book.” To relax, the people like to take trips to Reykjavik. There they have these hot swimming pools to talk with the locals, sit and relax, or swim in. This is one of the best vacations spots.

4. Norway

Bike riding in Norway | The Smile Blog | TheWhiteningStore.com

Norway was voted Europe’s most beautiful country. Social equality and welfare rank high. Everyone supports one another. According to Time.com, “People want to feel secure and they also benefit from having a community they can count on”. They also have good job security and if someone is unemployed, they provide services for those people as well. Because people have a lot of free time here, they usually choose to do activities such as bike, swim, cycle and read to relax.

5. Finland

Saunas in Finland | The Smile Blog | The WhiteningStore.com

Finland has extremely high environmental standards and a low threat level. Due to this, they have become one of the most peaceful places on Earth. Believe it or not, “the frigid climate and long, dark winters may actually have had a positive influence on residents’ perceived well being,” according to this article from People Magazine. Life expectancy is fairly high with men living to the age of 78 and women to the age of 84. To relax, the Finns like to go to the saunas, which they visit frequently, for physical and spiritual cleansing.

6. Fremont, California

Lake Elizabeth in Fremont California | The Smile Blog | TheWhiteningStore.com

This is #1 on the list of the happiest cities in the United States. They have a low divorce rate. They also rank 4th highest in sports participation rate. According to this article from FEE.org, Tesla bought out a power plant and became one of the top employers in Fremont. They also have many start-up companies. “The unemployment rate is under 2.6% and the median household income is $114,000”. Fun fact: “45% of the population is foreign-born”. To relax, the locals like to go to Lake Elizabeth for a jog or to even have a picnic. It’s a big spot for tourism.

7. Bismarck, North Dakota

McDowell Dam Nature Park Bismark North Dakota | The Smile Blog | TheWhiteningStore.com

This is #2 on the list of the happiest cities in the United States. Why? That’s because it ranks first in quality of life. They have a great social environment; everyone is nice. Everyone gets to experience every season, according to Hot975. They also have late sunsets there with the latest being 9:41 P.M. The locals love to go to McDowell Dam Nature Park to relax. With trails and a beach, there’s plenty to do like, sunbath, bike ride, or take a walk.

8. Orlando, Florida

Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve Orlando, Florida | The Smile Blog | The WhiteningStore.com

This is number #39 on the list of the happiest cities in the United States. It ranked #5 as one of the best large cities for a manufacturing job, according to Orlando Economic Partnership. The University of Central Florida ranked the best value college. Orlando is also one of the top startup cities for minority entrepreneurs. To book an Orlando vacation, it’s more than just Walt Disney World vacations. There are even many nature preserves to explore. Tibet-Butler nature preserve is a great place to relax due to its quiet and shady nature.

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