7 Fun Activities To Do With Bae

Do you have a bae (or significant other, or best friend, or favorite person)? Are you running out of fun date ideas? The Whitening Store is here to help!

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out a new and exciting activity to try when you feel like you’ve done everything in sight. Maybe you want to spend a little extra cash to get wild or maybe you want to do something a little less expensive...

Here are our 7 best activities to do with your BAE:

1. Teeth whitening for Two:

White In Minutes Teeth Whitening Kit | The Smile Blog |

White in Minutes teeth whitening kits are great to use on a lazy day, rainy day or any time you feel like chilling out and doing something productive at the same time. We offer a deal on teeth whitening kits for two people. Having yellow teeth isn't fun.

In 30 minutes, whiten your teeth while watching your favorite Netflix show. Buy White in Minutes! When you’re done, you can both compare your teeth whitening before and after photos. Isn’t oral hygiene a must when it comes to your significant other? Kissing an ugly mouth, ew!

2. Volunteer:

Hard Hat Volunteer | The Smile Blog |

Take part in some charity work or a charity event together. It's easy to volunteer at your local YMCA or homeless shelter. Maybe even donate to your favorite charitable organizations. There are plenty of volunteer programs to choose from and the benefits of volunteering are endless. Giving back to others in need is very rewarding, especially doing it with someone you care about. 

3. Get some R & R outdoors:

Two people watching the sunset at the park | The Smile Blog |

Take a walk in the park or go for a leisurely hike. Take a tiny picnic along with you- fill it with both of your favorite healthy treats. Those may be the most popular outdoor activities, but if you have something else in mind, go wild! Walking is a great cardiovascular exercise and a natural stress reducer. It’s always nice to have free things to do outside.

Some Vitamin D and fresh air are good for you! Being in a good mood is going to minimize conflict in any relationship- so keep that in mind when the stress is high!

4. Spend the day at an amusement park:

Swing ride at the amusement park | The Smile Blog |

There's a theme park in EVERY US state! Obviously, this is going to be a more expensive activity but if you have the budget for it, you can spend the entire day riding rides and eating theme park food. Perhaps, purchase Magic Kingdom tickets and do a Disney Florida vacation. If Disney is not for you, Universal Studios is another great option.

What's better than laughing uncontrollably with your favorite person? Sharing a turkey leg and a lemonade slushie! #partnerincrime 

5. Choose a recipe from Pinterest to cook together:

A couple cooking together in the kitchen | The Smile Blog |

Time to put your Pinterest board to good use. Go onto your recipes board and you can both decide on a quick and easy recipe that would be fun for you to cook or bake together. If Pinterest isn’t your speed, try looking through food magazine recipes.

Even if it doesn’t come out great, the process will still be fun. If you want to spice it up, try turning this into a baking game and see who can create the best recipe. 

6. Go to a painting class:

Painting class | The Smile Blog |

There are plenty of portrait painting classes you can go to where you pay around $35 per person. This includes the paint and canvas and you can bring your own alcohol and snacks. Learn to paint with acrylics an don’t worry, some of these art classes are for beginners. Make it a date night and enjoy a night of wine and painting.

7. Survive an escape room 2 date night:

Escape room couples | The Smile Blog |

Put your heads together and try to escape a locked escape room. Normally, you have an hour to complete the challenges and puzzles for this unique date idea. It’s very interactive! It may not be a cute date idea, but it can still be fun and enjoyable. It's mentally stimulating all while having fun! Hold each other's hands if things get too sketchy... ;)

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