10 Ways To Zen Your Workspace

Are you uninspired at work? Maybe home = work, or maybe your corporate office is BLAH. Having a successful/productive day isn't easy when you're in a pile of papers or staring at a grey cubicle 5 days a week. I've curated some of our team's favorite tips to wow your workspace. Whether you work from home or you work in a group office, you want to be able to have a workspace that is one that you will be able to concentrate in and feel relaxed and productive.

Top Ways to Zen Your Workspace:

1. Incorporate feng shui into your office space.

If you can, face your desk towards the door, this increases productivity. If you can't face your desk towards the door, you can position your desk towards the wall but try to have a window to the side of it. This can help your mood and be a source of inspiration.

2. Purchase a Himalayan salt lamp.

Salt lamps are known to reduce stress, purify the air, and create a relaxing environment overall.

3. Keep photos on your desk and on your walls.

Having a photo of your spouse, kids, or pets helps to keep you motivated and contributes to success.

4. Keep the temperature between 65-70 degrees.

Cooler air and a great air conditioning system can prevent the spread of germs and bugs. This means less sick days! And less sick days means happier employees.

5. Have artwork that sparks creativity.

My boss has this picture on the wall of people in Thailand celebrating Songkran. Streets are shut down and people bring their water guns and have a water gun fight that draws a crowd of thousands. This image is a reminder for her to have fun while working.

6. Have at least one plant.

Plants reduce stress and clean the air. Some examples of plants that you can place in your office are succulents and peace lilies.

7. Remove clutter!

Put your papers in one pile. Put your stapler and other items in the drawer. Keep as little as possible on top of your desk. Drawer organizers, filing cabinet with labeled folders, regularly go through mail and papers and shred unnecessary ones.

8. Play relaxing music.

If you have Pandora, we recommend these playlists: Pink Martini, Global Chill, Miami Poolside. Relaxing music reduces stress and relaxes your body. 

9. Add a pop of color.

Colors like red, orange or purple are considered "fire colors" and they increase energy flow promote productivity. Don't add too much of these colors as to not add aggression and stress to the room.

10. Add a rug under your desk.

A rug adds some warmth, length, and color to the room. If you incorporate those pops of color that are mentioned above, those "fire" colors heighten passion. 

*Tips for your home office*

- Keep your office as far away as your bedroom as possible to prevent distractions. Your bedroom has a bed and possibly a television, so you want to be able to separate those things from your work life.

- Don't be shy to embellish with your decoration (make sure it's not cluttered). If you like being there, you'll like spending time in there.

- Turn off notifications that don't have to do with work so you can stay focused.

- Take breaks, go for a walk around your house or neighborhood, phone a friend. This will keep your energy high.

- Don't bring your house projects into your work area unless you plan on finishing them. Keep those separate as to not get distracted.



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